February 21, 2011

Work starting on the pond

Not a lot has happened since the last post - loads of rain has meant that the gardens are feeling reeeaaally good and the lawn is green.  High winds and rain did bring down a huge eucalyptus branch near the children's playground.  Idiots probably playing football - but who knows - caused considerable damage to the cypress hedge in the rose garden - that is a major issue as it's just a tad difficult to plant a mature tree in the middle and maintain the hedge's profile!

The BIG news is that the contract for repairing the pond has been signed and work begun.  The aquatic fauna has been moved to Aqueus in Barkly Street for the duration and Rain Man will go in for repairs.  Despite having been told several times, the resident ducks refuse to move and they now look rather mournful all alone behind the security fencing.

Aren't these beautiful?