May 22, 2011

New York Botanical Gardens

More news from Judith, following her visit to the New York Botanical Gardens.

Today I ventured to the New York Botanic Gardens in the Bronx. A cloudy, misty day with patchy rain.  An expansive garden, created in 1891 after a prominent New Yorker visited Kew Gardens in London.  The site is dissected by the Bronx River and has numerous rocky out crops. They claim the largest glass conservatory in the Americas (incidentally so does the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens) and it is much in the style of Kew.  The gardens have some impressive buildings, some pre-dating the gardens.  A feature is the large landscapes with stands of mature trees- oaks, conifers, tulip trees etc and the native forests..  Very green and lush.  The showy displays are the peonies and azaleas and the garden rooms near the conservatory.  See photos.
Pleasingly no roaming security guards and no "do not" signs and adequate and usable rest room facilities. Cafe though somewhat middle-of-the-road. A tram provides garden tours- a good way to orientate if it is your first visit. This is easy to get to and find - northern metro, Harlem line, stop Botanical Gardens right opposite the garden entrance - 20 minutes from Manhattan.

May 21, 2011

News from abroad

Friends of St Kilda Botanical Gardens convenor, Judith, is currently in New York.  Yesterday, she took time out from a busy scheduled to visit the renowned Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.  Here's a short report:

Take subway to Brooklyn Museum- garden entrance next door.  52 acres, 100 years old, private garden mostly funded by an endowment.  No picnicking, no sitting on the grass, no drinks in garden other than water, no dogs. Security guards everywhere.  Some 18 gardens- green and lush- grass long - 6 ins high. Took the guided walk to rose, stone and Japanese garden as well as bluebell drift and rose family beds and hedge wheel.  Lily pond- they colour the water to allow better photos to reduce reflection. 
However their toilets are a disgrace.

Overall St Kilda Botanical Gardens look in good shape given relative resources.
Day is sunny, gardens a beautiful and so a pleasure to be here. A couple of snaps - bluebells are spectacular!

May 19, 2011

2011 Paint These Gardens

The 2011 Paint These Gardens is scheduled to take place in October.  Keep an eye out for more information over the next few weeks.