November 18, 2011

Thanks to all our wonderful sponsors and supporters

Port Phillip Showband - book them - they are great!
Elwood Croquet Club - join, playing croquet is a great family game
Dom's Balaclava Fruit Mart
Port Phillip Leader newspaper (thanks Sally and Jason)
Port Phillip EcoCentre
Our wonderful gardeners!
And special thanks to Judith and Geoff for turning the glasshouses into sparkling glass houses!

November 17, 2011

A poem for the Garden

Michael Carman reading Gerry Connolly's tribute to the Gardens

A Floral Tribute - The Bird's Eye View

Circling high o'er Blessington Street,
Midst his screeching, urgent cries,
The layout of the Gardens 'neath him,
A Sulphur-Crested Cocky spies.

There are avenues of Cypress pines,
Indian Acacia and Cherry trees,
Cedars of Lebanon and French Cork
A blowin' in the evening breeze.

A Swedish birch, a ring of palms,
As strong and straight as pillars,
Blackberry, Bilberry, the Flame Tree,
The mighty Macrophillars

Gliding down, the cockatoo - 
Known to his friends as Bruce -
Dives and swoops upon the scene, 
And settles on a Spruce.

What cocky thoughts does Bruce have,
Perching on his bower?
What juicy morsels does he spy,
As the layout he doth scour?

The rose-bed with its springy buds?
Is rhubarb to his taste?
Ah no, the wine palm beckons him:
His forebears pecked and chafed.

What other bird who nestles here
Cedes botanic seduction?
All fronds and seeds and shoots and leaves
Picked out for his destruction.

The Chestnut Teal, the Tawny Frogmouth,
Magpie, Myna, Mudlark,
The White-Browed Scrubwren and Grey Teal
Cause nothing like his bloodbath.

The mess he makes doth take us back
To Eighteen seventy-seven,
Wheny dunny carts would dump night-dirt 
At a quarter past eleven.

Tiger Lily, Tiger Lily burning bright,
In the gardens late at night.
Oh, whose awful man's mind's eye
Would frame thee so unsanit'r?

But time doth fly, like cockatooes;
I'm sure his eyes would moisten.
With pride he'd stride along these paths:
I speak of Tilman Gloystein.

For on his axis north and south
His vision's come to pass:
Gazebo, pond, conservatory
Have sprung like greening grass.

Tilman's fate was tied to Bruce;
He was too fond of claret.
Indulged in it, quite lib'rally,
Got pished, just like the parrot.

His body to the booze succumbed,
He was one of life's great crazies.
A fecund mind, it's plain to see
He's pushed up more than daisies.

His end was not prestigous, true,
When he joined the Invisible Coral.
But with the Baron von Mueller too,
His legacy is floral.

Circling round us on the ground,
Tonight is quintessent-ial,
We gather midst this floral wreath
For our sesqui-centennial.
So bring nosegays, bring large bouquets,
From St Kilda's Spring display.
Old and young, let everyone
Shout out "Hip, Hip Hooray!"

Gerry Connolly, 15 November 2011

November 16, 2011

The morning after the night before

Last night's 150th anniversary celebrations were wonderful.  Gardens luminous green, weather good, band particularly good, hundreds of people picnicking on the lawns.

Pics later today, with lots of other info, thanks and a wonderful poem written by Gerry Connolly and beautifully rendered by Michael Carman.

City of Port Phillip mayor Rachel Powning

FOSKBG convenor Judith Smith

Councillor Serge Thomann

Gardeners - past and present - wonderful people!

Michael Carman - you can just see the new garden seat in the background

Serge Thomann with members of the Friends of St Kilda Botanical Gardens

November 14, 2011

One day to go

The lawns have been trimmed.

The food, drink, performers, musicians and ponies are booked.

The weather is looking ok.

The bookings are HUGE.

And - there is only one day to go until the big party to celebrate 150 years of the St Kilda Botanical Gardens.

November 4, 2011

Lovely large signs erected to promote THE party

This sign is on the corner of Tennyson and Dickens Streets.
This on the corner of Herbert and Blessington Streets.

And there's one at the St Kilda Town Hall.

Thanks Hocking Stuart!

November 3, 2011

From little things ...

New addition to the palm grove.  Its "siblings" are very tall - this is only 30cm high.  Confidence in the future is a good thing.

November 2, 2011

New signs for significant trees

Last week the new tree signs were installed.  They look great and are a major problem to photograph when there's sunshine and no auxiliary lighting!

November 1, 2011

Photo shoot

Jason, the photographer from The Leader newspaper, came by to take pics to promote the 150th anniversary celebrations - only two weeks away now.  We co-opted passers-by to take part.

Rachel, Ruth and Judith (convenor FOSKBG)