February 5, 2012

Vandalism strikes again

Saturday night entertainment?  Removing louvres from the glasshouse, putting them on the ground and jumping on them to smash them into pieces. Vandalism doesn't just happen on Australia Day.

February 2, 2012

The ugly Australian

Social networking is helping to turn beautiful areas of Australia into the most appalling rubbish tips.

This is what the St Kilda Botanical Gardens looked like after thousands of people poured into the Gardens with their trolley loads of alcohol. The photos were taken by Andrea Paul, who has been engaging with Council over the coming "protect the environment" policy!

It took the gardeners and several support staff eight (EIGHT) hours to clean up the mess.  These people are gardeners - shouldn't they be able to garden?

Apparently one young man returned the next morning to collect his forgotten esky from amongst the debris and when confronted about the mess replied "isn't that what Australians do?".

Respect?? Concern for the environment? Common (or garden) decency??