June 2, 2012


Council policy for the St Kilda Botanical Gardens is for dogs to be walked ON LEAD.  For lots of reasons - children, other animals, elderly / challenged walkers ....  Signs everywhere.  But, of course, that isn't meant for me is it?  My dog's perfect.

Yesterday there was much commotion around the pond - an off-lead jack russell thought the ducks fair game,  leaped into the pond and wasn't going to come out.  After 20 minutes of yelling, calling, barracking the dog's owner finally had to swim across the pond to remove the dog.

Much talk amongst the onlookers about on-lead and off-lead.  And did the off-leaders heed the comments? No - they watched indulgently while their dogs raced madly around crashing into people.

June 1, 2012

Yarn bombers wanted

Are you a yarn bomber?  Do you know a yarn bomber?  Let's be subtle - we need yarn bombers for a secret project to be unveiled later in the year.  Can you help?