October 30, 2012

Bee swarm

A very neat and tidy bee swarm hung from a low branch overhanging the fence in Dickens Street.  Fortunately it was early morning and quite cool, so there wasn't too much apis mellifera action.
 On the right, in the sky you can just see one of the scouts returning to the swarm to advise on potential new residence/s.
This leaf is diseased - and has the most beautiful coloration.
The energy expended in damaging this (and other) tree plaques could have been used so much better elsewhere.  One despairs.

October 18, 2012

Irrigation getting closer and closer

For the past couple of days the glasshouses have been off limits as the irrigation installation company works its way into our corner of the Gardens.

 And how much effort do you think it took to bend this name plate in half? Constructive use of time and energy? I think no.