November 21, 2012

Wonderful volunteers

A large group of young volunteers joined us yesterday.  Employees of Millward Brown are encouraged to undertake two days of voluntary work a year - in work time!  And we were lucky that they chose us.

They spread two truck loads of the most delicious compost on the Friends' bed and dead-headed rose in the Alister Clark Rose Garden, before being taken on a quick history tour around the Gardens.

They are welcome back any time.  Thanks guys.

November 17, 2012

Anniversary picnic

Pics to come.

It was a great night - good weather, great music, kids loved the fairy, clown and ponies. And the site was left clean!!

November 16, 2012

Pictures from a party

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors we had a large and successful 151st anniversary party.

Bendigo Bank
Hocking Stuart
City of Port Phillip

The Port Phillip Show Band once again wowed the audience.  Elwood Croquet Club battled  the uneven "grass" to teach young and old how to play croquet.  Clown Em and Fairy Tess had a devoted and large following among the young children and the queues for the pony rides kept the ponies working hard until the party ended.

November 8, 2012

New planting in centre beds

Early this morning, not long after sunrise, the gardeners were out measuring up one of the centre beds.
 So that these
will look like this
Hydro-seeding of the ground where the irrigation has gone in has started. Just looks like mucky green paint at the moment - soon there'll be lots of lovely new grass. As long as the public has the sense to not stand on the soil.  Unfortunately we won't have the new lawn strips germinating in time for the anniversary picnic - only a week away!!

November 4, 2012

151st anniversary picnic

Huge sign boards went up Saturday promoting the forthcoming 151st anniversary picnic in the Gardens. Thank you Hocking Stuart St Kilda.

Should be good fun - everyone's invited to bring a picnic.  The Friends of St Kilda Botanical Gardens and our wonderful sponsors will be providing the entertainment.  Pony rides and clowns for the kids.  Port Phillip Show Band, coffee cart, croquet demonstrations for all.

Help us make this a great evening by encouraging friends, rellies and neighbours to join in.

Friday 16 November, 5-8pm.

See you at the St Kilda Botanical Gardens.