December 29, 2013

December catch-up

December's been busy.  The pond has been emptied for more renovation; how can something so small have so many problems associated with it?

The gardens have been visited by large numbers of large groups celebrating summer and the season of goodwill (?).  It's always lovely to see people enjoying this place - but not so lovely seeing all the marquees and gazebos and ball games .....

The Friends raised lots of $ at a Bunnings sausage sizzle - could have raised more $ only we ran out of snags - twice!  These funds will go in the "fence" pot - money to encourage council to get on with its plans to install a well designed fence around the gardens.

And new visitors to the gardens shared their joy at discovering a beautiful place - click here to see what Luster Lai saw.

November 14, 2013

Sister City celebrations

Obu in Japan and City of Port Phillip are sister cities.  Yesterday, as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations, the mayor of Obu Mr Takayasu Kuno and mayor of City of Port Phillip Cr Amanda Stevens unveiled a commemorative plaque and stone lantern and planted an azalea. The stone lantern was funded by Obu citizens.

Council is organising a community delegation to Japan in April-May 2014. More info here.

November 2, 2013


Yesterday was just the most beautiful day. And the Gardens were filled with people - young and younger.  Hopefully they'll all come to the anniversary picnic on Saturday 16 November!

October 16, 2013

South Australian visitor loves our Gardens

As you'll have noticed, there's been quite an absence of posting over the past few months - largely because the main blogger fell and broke both legs and an arm early in July; recovery has taken time.  Anyway - we're back and there's lots to see and do in the Gardens.

A recent South Australian visitor to the St Kilda Botanical Gardens obviously enjoyed their stay despite the weather.  Read what she had to say here.

It's only a month until our annual picnic in the Gardens to celebrate the anniversary of their establishment.  This year the twilight picnic falls on a Saturday, so we hope that we'll see loads of people bring a byo picnic along with their family and friends to enjoy the food, activities and entertainment.  Date?  Saturday 16 November.

June 19, 2013

A visitor

Tim Entwistle, director of the Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne recently visited our plot.   He was impressed with his discovery of a rare plant - one which we often photograph at this time of the year because the bright yellow fruit brings color to the winter beds.  Have a read of his blog here.

May 13, 2013

Plants stolen less than 24 hours after planting

Well - no sooner are the new plants  bedded in than some vile person steals about 15 of them.  Very disheartening for the Friends who worked hard to raise the funds to buy the plants, and for the CoPP gardeners who cherished them.

May 12, 2013

Lovely things and not so lovely

The Friends bed is fully planted up - a huge thank you to the gardeners.

And this beautiful white heron is strutting its stuff around the pond.

The not so lovely?  Several panes of glass in the glasshouses smashed into dangerous shards and grafitti all over the place. 

May 10, 2013

A new tree

A new palm arrived in the Gardens this morning.  Now all we need is another one to complete the four palms in the centre bed and we're back to where we were before fusarium, drought, sulphur-crested cockatos intervened.

This was taken with a macro lens on an iphone.

Taken with a fisheye lens on an iphone - photographer badly placed!

Taken with a wide angle lens on an iphone - strange perspective.

April 27, 2013

Working bee

This morning a group of Friends and our fabulous gardeners started planting out the many new plants into the Friends bed.  Very hard work for the diggers, given the overall mass of tree roots throughout the bed.  Still looking a bit skimpy as mostly only the smaller plants around the boarders were bedded in.  Once the rest go in - wow!

April 25, 2013

A slightly Mexican look

Except that the person is sitting under a jubaea - a Chilean Wine Palm.
Just a little out of focus.

April 18, 2013

Working bee

Now that our new plants are here it's time to plant them out.  So - we've scheduled a working bee for Saturday 27 April, 10am - 1pm.  Meet at the glasshouses on Blessington Street. Bring your gardening gloves and trowels.  If we all pitch in it shouldn't take too long to get all the plants into the bed - especially as we'll have two gardeners assisting.  Refreshments provided of course.

April 5, 2013

At last - our new plants have arrived

The van Berkel truck arrived late this afternoon with its treasure load of plants from Yamina Collectors Nursery.  So late that the gardeners had to stay back after work - thank you all!  And thanks to Noel, the driver, for patiently fielding all the "where are you" phone calls.

March 20, 2013

Our wonderful volunteers back again

A dozen enthusiastic and energetic young volunteers fronted up for work again this morning.  The enthusiasm and new attachment to the Gardens is so welcome. 

This time they had lots of small jobs to undertake - pruning back some of the bamboo in the Asian bed, dead-heading roses again and trying to work out which was a weed and which was an important indigenous plant.  Because these appeared to be smaller jobs which didn't have the impact of the previous visit, we know that the volunteers left feeling they hadn't done much.  But we know better - their work would have taken our resident gardeners several days to complete.  So thanks guys and gals - you did make a huge contribution.
Now - which third shall we prune?

Lift back from the other side of the gardens

Beautiful bamboo

Close work

Surprising how hard it is to prune grassses

Welcome break

Dead-heading roses with head gardener Matt

Simon (right) explaining the difference between wanted and unwanted

A weed or an indigenous plant to be kept?

What was that?

Bamboo collection

Millward Brown (their employer) is to be congratulated for the policy of encouraging their staff to volunteer in the community.