January 31, 2013

Interesting reading

St Kilda Botanical Gardens frequenter, Don Gazzard, has written a thoughtful article on the Gardens and the recent bad Australia Day experiences, here. Well worth a read.

January 28, 2013

Time to see things of beauty in the St Kilda Botanical Gardens

This beautiful creature landed on the side wall of one of the glasshouses.

Cycad seed pods

Bromeliad flower

Future gumnut

January 27, 2013

Australia Day

The Gardens were the setting of yesterday's Australia Day citizenship ceremony for 73 new Australians from 21 nations.

Auntie Caroline welcomed everyone to the land,

and Mark created the smoking ceremony.
 Various officials spoke and a lovely men's choir sang the songs the words of which few of us knew.

It was wonderful to see the excitement of the people pledging their oath and receiving their certificates and indigenous plant.  Back down to earth with everyone being urged to sign up at the Australian Electoral Commission's marquee!

City of Port Phillip Councillors
An excited new Australian.
And thousands of young people descended on the Gardens to picnic. The outcome was just like last year's - a total debacle, the Gardens left knee-deep in garbage again, with seriously amazing attitudes from and of the revellers.

Council refused to provide portaloos (might encourage people to come to the gardens was the thinking - weird) the queues for the loos were long and the gardens trampled and men and women alike took to the bushes.  Although, it really seemed that it wasn't the loo queues causing the problem - they just had no sense of appropriate public etiquette.

In one group of picnickers there were over 200 - and they had tried to break into the electrical system to power their spit roast!  When told that was not on, they responded "oh - we do that every year".  Why else would they come ready equipped with a drill?
10.00 am


4.30 pm

Poor tree

Probably four generations here - and the young women urinated in the garden beds!

Time the Gardens became totally alcohol free - EVERY DAY of the year.

January 24, 2013

Tree down

A large-ish ficus (near the loos) fell on Wednesday night. One look at the remaining root system tells the story.