March 20, 2013

Our wonderful volunteers back again

A dozen enthusiastic and energetic young volunteers fronted up for work again this morning.  The enthusiasm and new attachment to the Gardens is so welcome. 

This time they had lots of small jobs to undertake - pruning back some of the bamboo in the Asian bed, dead-heading roses again and trying to work out which was a weed and which was an important indigenous plant.  Because these appeared to be smaller jobs which didn't have the impact of the previous visit, we know that the volunteers left feeling they hadn't done much.  But we know better - their work would have taken our resident gardeners several days to complete.  So thanks guys and gals - you did make a huge contribution.
Now - which third shall we prune?

Lift back from the other side of the gardens

Beautiful bamboo

Close work

Surprising how hard it is to prune grassses

Welcome break

Dead-heading roses with head gardener Matt

Simon (right) explaining the difference between wanted and unwanted

A weed or an indigenous plant to be kept?

What was that?

Bamboo collection

Millward Brown (their employer) is to be congratulated for the policy of encouraging their staff to volunteer in the community.

March 1, 2013

Public meeting called

Friends of St Kilda Botanical Gardens are calling a public meeting to look at ways in which the Gardens can be enjoyed by all, and not trashed by drunken revellers.

Date:  Thursday 14 February 2013, 7.30 - 9pm

Venue:  Cora Graves Community Centre, Blessington Street, St Kilda

Topic of discussion: Maintaining the treasure that is St Kilda Botanical Gardens

Australia Day in the St Kilda Botanical Gardens

Once again hordes of merry-makers descended on the St Kilda Botanical Gardens - around 3000 people partied throughout the day and into the night. 
They caused damage to the Gardens, broke into electrical boards, left eight (8) tonnes of rubbish behind, and were extremely aggressive, to the point where police needed back-up.  But that wasn't the worst of it. The worst was that thousands of people were using the garden beds as a public toilet.
Friends of St Kilda Botanical Gardens and local residents are concerned about the well-being of the Gardens and would like to see a change to Council policy so that events like this don't occur again.

Concerned locals are invited to attend a public meeting (details above)