May 13, 2013

Plants stolen less than 24 hours after planting

Well - no sooner are the new plants  bedded in than some vile person steals about 15 of them.  Very disheartening for the Friends who worked hard to raise the funds to buy the plants, and for the CoPP gardeners who cherished them.

May 12, 2013

Lovely things and not so lovely

The Friends bed is fully planted up - a huge thank you to the gardeners.

And this beautiful white heron is strutting its stuff around the pond.

The not so lovely?  Several panes of glass in the glasshouses smashed into dangerous shards and grafitti all over the place. 

May 10, 2013

A new tree

A new palm arrived in the Gardens this morning.  Now all we need is another one to complete the four palms in the centre bed and we're back to where we were before fusarium, drought, sulphur-crested cockatos intervened.

This was taken with a macro lens on an iphone.

Taken with a fisheye lens on an iphone - photographer badly placed!

Taken with a wide angle lens on an iphone - strange perspective.